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Cold Mountain Group is a Product Rep and Broker. We are in the business of facilitating successful and profitable business relationships between vendors and retailers ranging from big box operaters like Costco, Walgreens, and Albertsons to convenience stores like AM-PM, BP, Circle K and many others. We are  highly effective at bringing consumer goods to the retail markets.

We work with manufacturers and retailers both large and small, finding the proper match and creating long- term  and highly profitable relationships. CMG’s expertise is wide-ranging and includes comodities like beef, poultry, sea food and jerky to hard goods, soft goods and fashion. We represent products as diverse as: energy drinks to furniture, electronics to pet treats, sporting goods to musical instuments. Please refer to a complete list of categories on our product page.

Cold Mountain Group also does business with many international retailers and chain stores. We have approximately 240,000 points of distribution that we manage and have expanded to Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Mexico. These points of distribution range from retailers like Costco and Albertsons, to Walgreen’s, Target, Shop-Ko, Nordstrom, Fred Meyer, QVC and Amazon.

Cold Mountain Group provides vendors with a choice when determining the most effective way to sell to retailers. Should you decide to use a local rep or broker, or a national or international rep or broker; you can choose Cold Mountain Group. Our clients tell us that we are a model of sales effectiveness, efficiency and cost. Cold Mountain Group is located approximately 10 minutes from Costco's corporate headquarters in Issaquah, Washington and our sales reps do business at Costco's headquarters daily. Our greatest value is consistently providing the most efficient and effective sales experience.  With over a decade of success, local and global presence, single customer focus, constant communication, professional customer service and worldwide coverage; we enable our vendors to sell to multiple domestic and international markets with Cold Mountain Groups help.